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论中国精选服务酒店商业合作协议和目标发展量,万豪均逊色于希尔顿 (中国精选服务业增长,第一部分)

2016年,万豪签署协议,决定在中国发展其万枫酒店精选服务品牌。 使用当地酒店连锁集团为合作伙伴与希尔顿为发展其汉普顿品牌所做出的类似商务交易如出一辙。 然而,万豪的交易是在希尔顿酒店交易达成的两年后,而且,希尔顿提议发展的酒店的数量超过万豪酒店提议数量的两倍。这样的差距对万豪中国精选服务业增长前景释放出什么样的信号?

Marriott Lagged Behind Hilton in Select Service Partnership Deal and Targeted Fewer Openings (Select Service Growth in China, Part 1)

In 2016, Marriott signed a deal to grow its select service Fairfield brand in China. The use of a local partner with hospitality experience mirrored a similar deal made by Hilton for its Hampton brand. However, Marriott’s deal came two years after Hilton’s, and the number of proposed Hilton properties outnumbered Marriott properties more than 2-to-1. What does this gap signal about Marriott’s prospects for select service growth in China?

As China steps up enforcement of sovereignty claims, does Marriott have room to maneuver?

In April Chinese aviation authorities directed 36 international airlines to amend their websites to reflect China’s sovereignty claims over Taiwan, and to accurately show the status of Hong Kong and Macau as Chinese territories. Did Marriott’s unreserved apology make it difficult for the company to retain some flexibility in what appears to be unsettled ground for US based companies operating internationally?

Mitt Romney, Marriott board member, repeatedly rattled sabers against China

Mitt Romney has served on the Marriott board for a cumulative 17 years as of 2018, longer than any other board member who is not part of the Marriott family. However, as a candidate for office, he has repeatedly engaged in saber rattling against China, supporting arm sales to Taiwan and proposing a US military build up in the Pacific to counter China.