What deal did Marriott make with Alibaba? An Explainer

(East Nanjing Pedestrian Shopping Street by David Leo Veksler – CC BY 2.0)

In August 2017, Marriott International announced a strategic partnership with the Chinese tech giant Alibaba. In its press release, Marriott claimed that the partners would redefine the travel experience for hundreds of millions of Chinese consumers.[1]

Western press mentions of the deal have repeated Marriott’s rosy predictions: for example, stories in the Wall Street Journal and hospitality industry outlet Skift only quoted Marriott and Alibaba executives.[2] [3] In this post, we break down what Alibaba is, and explain the components of the deal.

What is Alibaba?

 Alibaba, sometime referred to as the “Amazon of China,” is a Chinese tech conglomerate known for its online retail business.[4] [5] Fliggy, previously known as Alitrip, is Alibaba’s online travel platform. Fliggy was Alibaba’s third attempt to break into the Chinese online travel market.[6] The e-commerce giant’s other holdings included the Youtube-like Youkou, the South China Morning Post, one of Hong Kong’s most influential English language newspapers, and a major investment in social media service Sina Weibo, often referred to as the Twitter of China. [7] [8] [9]

The company also created the payment system Alipay in 2004, which was later spun-off into a separate entity named Ant Financial.[10] [11] Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, held 46% of Ant Financial and had voting rights on its board.[12] [13]

Joint Venture to Manage Marriott’s Chinese Web Presence

The Marriott and Alibaba deal created a joint venture responsible for operating Marriott’s flagship store on Fliggy.[14] Alibaba will eventually run Marriott’s Chinese-language websites and apps, according to Marriott’s Chief Commercial Officer.[15] As part of the deal, Marriott and Fliggy also launched a promotional shared reward program.[16]

This is not the first time that Marriott has established a shared reward program with a major OTA company in China. In 2012, Marriott announced a joint reward program with Ctrip, the largest Chinese OTA platform; the program expired in November 2017, three months after the Marriott-Alibaba deal.[17] [18] [19] The story of Marriott’s partnership with Ctrip, and its dissolution, will be discussed in a future blog post.

In January 2018, Marriott shut down its Chinese language websites on the order of government authorities after a survey listed Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tibet and Macau as countries separate from China.[20] (See our post explaining the fallout from this incident.) The survey had been prepared by a vendor from Canada.[21] As of April 16, 2018, Marriott’s Chinese-language webpage still doesn’t have a direct-booking feature; the webpage instead redirects visitors to other booking systems such as Marriott’s Chinese language smartphone app or its international website in English.[22]

Marriott announced that the joint venture would put an exclusive booking portal online the week of April 23rd, 2018.[23]

Marriott Hotels to Accept Alipay

A key piece of the deal is the roll-out of mobile payment system Alipay in select Marriott Hotels in the Asia-Pacific region. Marriott began accepting payment via Alipay in September 2015 at a small number of hotels in China.[24] Following the deal, Marriott has expanded acceptance of Alipay to more hotels across Asia.[25]

In January 2018, Alipay’s parent company Ant Financial issued an apology after it came under criticism within China for how it handled users’ data.[26] The controversy within China arose in January 2018 after users said they felt misled into allowing its Alipay service to share data on their spending habits with Ant’s credit-scoring arm and other third-party services.[27] A future post will cover this and other public incidents related to Alibaba’s handling of user data.

Alipay’s largest competitor is WeChat Pay, owned by the tech giant Tencent.[28]

Is the Alibaba deal an unqualified boon for Marriott?

Despite the laudatory press coverage, questions remain about the value of this deal to Marriott.

  • Why did Marriott decide to forgo its shared reward program with Ctrip for Fliggy?
  • How will Alipay’s customer trust controversy affect Marriott?
  • How will the Marriott-Alibaba relationship evolve, given Marriott’s dependence on its joint-venture with its OTA partner Fliggy for its Chinese web-presence?


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