Who owns Marriott’s ‘Classic Premium’ hotels in Shanghai? (Second in a series)

In our previous post, we explored the ownership of Marriott’s luxury hotels in Shanghai. Here, we will examine the ownership of more Marriott properties in the city, beginning with the ‘Classic Premium’ brands – Westin, Sheraton, Marriott, and Delta.[1]

The ownership information we’ve compiled reflects what we could obtain from public documents, largely from provincial Administrations of Industry and Commerce and the Hong Kong Companies Registry.

Where the company does not have an English name, a translation of the company’s Chinese name is included in [brackets]. For non-mainland China companies, the jurisdiction where the company is based is included in (italicized parentheses).


The Westin Bund Center, Shanghai

The sole Westin in Shanghai has a minority interest held by Shanghai’s Huangpu District. The majority interest is owned by two companies based in the British Virgin Islands companies through a Hong Kong company, Koon Chung Limited.

Sheraton Grand Shanghai Pudong Hotel & Residences; Sheraton Shanghai Chongming Hotel

Two Sheraton properties in Shanghai, the Sheraton Grand Shanghai Pudong and the Sheraton Shanghai Chongming, are owned by 上海由由(集团)股份有限公司 (Shanghai Yuyi Group). That company is in turn majority owned by an array of individuals, each of whom owns slices of the company directly or through 上海由由投资发展有限公司. We have calculated their ownership stakes in the table below.


Individual Name Ownership in

上海由由()股份有限公司 (Direct)

Ownership in

上海由由投资发展有限公 (Indirect)

Total Ownership in Hotels
陆忠慈 (Lu Zhongci) 2.0% 2.0%
吴亚林 (Wu Yalin) 1.5% 22.0% 11.1%
包顺良 (Bao Shunliang) 1.5% 6.0% 4.1%
山佳明 (Shan Jiaming) 3.0% 51.0% 25.2%
张金荣 (Zhang Jinrong) 1.5% 6.6% 4.4%
王福祥 (Wang Fuxiang) 3.4% 1.5%
陈立华 (Chen Lihua) 3.4% 1.5%
陈福弟 (Chen Fudi) 4.2% 1.8%
严伟国 (Yan Weiguo) 3.4% 1.5%

 Sheraton Shanghai Hongkou Hotel

A number of individuals have an interest in the Sheraton Shanghai Hongkou Hotel, as does Sichuan Trust. (NB: 創力控股集團有限公司 / Sunny Holding Group is the company formerly known as 香港创安集团有限公司 / Hong Kong Safeone Group.)

Individuals with an interest in the Sheraton Shanghai Hongkou
Name English Name
周万沅 Zhou Wanqi
余瑞敏 Yu Ruimin
张文军 Zhang Wenjun
王海生 Wang Haisheng
程立强 Cheng Liqiang
孟良 Meng Liang
甘立 Gan Li
Wu Wen Tuo
Ko Tin Kwok
Cheng Kwun Fu
张玮 Zhang Wei
刘巨涛 Liu Jutao

Sheraton Shanghai Waigaoqiao Hotel

If this corporate structure looks familiar, it’s because it mirrors part of the ownership of the St. Regis Shanghai Jingan, which we explored in our previous post.

Shanghai Marriott Hotel City Centre

According to a 2009 filing with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, the Shanghai Marriott City Centre is owned entirely by Agile Property Holdings through Maximum Rise Investments (BVI) Limited, a British Virgin Islands company.

Shanghai Marriott Hotel Hongqiao

The ownership of this hotel has two parts: One which traces to a group of individual shareholders (listed in the table below), and another which is held by Tsui Tai Wai David and a British Virgin Islands-incorporated company.

Individual Investors in 上海紫江(团)有限公司 (Direct and Indirect)
Name English Name Name English Name
沈雯 Shen Wen 楼思齐 Lou Siqi
胡兵 Hu Bing 沈国兴 Shen Guoxing
李彧 Li Wei 毛国敏 Mao Guomin
张信林 Zhang Xinlin 徐斌 Xu Bin
唐继锋 Tang Jifeng 徐云飞 Xu Yunfei
孙琦明 Sun Qiming 罗晓金 Luo Xiaojin
孙宜周 Sun Yizhou 刘铁峰 Liu Tiefeng
顾卫东 Gu Weidong 周大鸣 Zhou Daming
刘罕 Liu Han 庄国兴 Zhuang Guoxing
沈国权 Shen Guoquan 龚世毅 Gong Shiyi
郭峰 Guo Feng 范瑞娟 Fan Ruijuan
彭胜浩 Peng Shenghao 董宁晖 Dong Ninghui
周洁碧 Zhou Jiebi 顾利民 Gu Limin
徐志强 Xu Zhiqiang 金蔚文 Jin Weiwen
王虹 Wang Hong 侯郁 Hou Yu
陆卫达 Lu Weida 沈继忠 Shen Jizhong
陈勇 Chen Yong 贺美华 He Meihua
张华 Zhang Hua 戚建民 Yan Jianmin
夏光 Xia Guang 俞雅华 Yu Yahua

Shanghai Marriott Hotel Kangqiao

The Shanghai Marriott Hotel Kangqiao has three ownership groups. One portion is held by a government agency connected to the defunct Nanhui County of Shanghai.

Another is owned by Zhou Chengjian, a textile magnate, and his daughter, Hi Jiajia. In 2016 Zhou mysteriously disappeared for a week during China’s anti-corruption campaign before returning to work.[2]

The final part is owned by Su Muchao and Tang Liuqi.

Shanghai Marriott Hotel Parkview

This hotel is owned by 高华 (Gao Hua).

Shanghai Marriott Hotel Pudong East

The individuals who own the Shanghai Marriott Hotel Pudong East are listed in the table below.

Individual Ownership
Name English Name
王晓岩 Wang Xiaoyan
余刚 Yu Gang
陈军 Chen Jun
冯斌 Feng Bin
刘仁军 Liu Renjun
路一新 Lu Yixin
王庆辉 Wang Qinghui
颜江红 Yan Jianghong
张广海 Zhang Guanghai
赵洪辉 Zhao Honghui

Shanghai Marriott Hotel Riverside

The Shanghai Marriott Hotel Riverside is owned by Greenland Holdings Group, a publicly traded company.

Delta Hotel Shanghai Baoshan

While the ownership chart of the Delta Shanghai Baoshan is complex, the majority owner is 朱卫杰 (Zhu Weijie).



[1] The chain scale established by Marriott International is in the company’s 2017 Annual Report: Form 10-K filed with the SEC, Marriott International, 2/15/18, pgs. 5-6. https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1048286/000162828018001756/mar-q42017x10k.htm.

[2] Patti Waldmeier, “Missing Chinese billionaire Zhou Chengjian returns to work,” CNBC, 1/18/16. https://www.cnbc.com/2016/01/18/missing-chinese-billionaire-zhou-chengjian-returns-to-work.html.