Who owns Marriott’s ‘Distinctive Premium’ hotels in Shanghai? (Third in a series)

Continuing our series looking at the ownership of Marriott properties in Shanghai (see the luxury hotels article and the ‘Classic Premium’ hotels article), we turn to Marriott’s ‘Distinctive Premium’ brands – Renaissance, Le Meridien, Tribute Portfolio, and Design Hotels.[i]

Where the company does not have an English name, a translation of the company’s Chinese name is included in [brackets]. For non-mainland China companies, the jurisdiction where the company is based is included in (italicized parentheses).



 The Waterhouse at South Bund, Shanghai, a Member of Design Hotels

Ownership of The Waterhouse at South Bund is split between two groups. The first group consists of Singapore citizens Eu Chow Sung Hwa Mary Nee, Eu Yee Kwong Geoffrey, Loh Lik Peng, who own their shares through a Hong Kong-based company. The second ownership interest is through 上海弘基企业(集团)股份有限公司 [Shanghai Hongji Enterprise (Group) Co.].

The Yuluxe Sheshan, Shanghai, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel & Le Royal Meridien Shanghai

The Yuluxe Sheshen and Le Royal Meridien are both owned by Hong Kong developer Shimao Group.[ii]

Le Meridien Shanghai, Minhang

The Le Meridien Shanghai, Minhang is owned by the Powerlong real estate group.[iii] Its ownership is held through a British Virgin Islands company.

Renaissance Shanghai Putuo Hotel

 The ownership of the Renaissance Shanghai Putuo Hotel is concentrated in the hands of two individual shareholders, 王杰 and 王健.

Renaissance Shanghai Caohejing Hotel

Although the Renaissance Shanghai Caohejing Hotel has some public ownership, part of it also owned by an offshore company, Premier Maker Limited.

Renaissance Shanghai Pudong

In addition to a wide array of others included on this complex chart, the Renaissance Shanghai Pudong is partially owned by affiliates of Chinese conglomerate HNA.


Renaissance Shanghai Yangtze Hotel

The Renaissance Shanghai Yangtze Hotel is owned by a British Virgin Islands company, Beyond Talent Holdings Limited. In 2017 all of the shares in State Properties Limited and Brightime Limited were transferred from a Jersey-based company to Beyond Talent Holdings Limited.


Renaissance Shanghai Yu Garden Hotel

The Renaissance Shanghai Yu Garden is wholly owned by Liu Zhengjun.

Renaissance Shanghai Zhongshan Park Hotel

The Renaissance Shanghai Zhongshan Park is owned by Tong Jinquan, chairman of real estate developer Summit Group and listed at #138 on Forbes’ China Rich List 2017.[iv]


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